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Bob Pennycook

What is a Monoprint

Monoprints/monotypes are one of a kind, original works of art usually on  paper.

Pigment (in my case, acrylic paint) is applied to a surface (I use a gelatin plate) then paper is applied to the surface and hand rubbed to transfer the pigment to the paper.

For my prints, this step is repeated for each colour added to the design. Fequently, after I'm comfortable with the layers of colour, I'll hand embellish the print with other marks using ink, graphite, pastel or paint.

The terms, monoprint and monotype, are slightly different. Monotype means a single print pulled from a smooth, clean plate of applied and worked pigment of some kind. Monoprint is considered to be a single print with pulled from a plate with repeating marks (eg. stencils).

I use both terms interchangeably.